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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why? Do some Feel the need??

Okay so I rant from time to time. Please feel free to agree. I have only a couple of pet peeves and one I’ve wrote about before, this one is somewhat related to it.
Before I wrote about the subject of “Wow, You’ve got your hands full” now I have to add to it.

I am soooooo sick and tired of people seeing I have three boys and in disgust or delight making the statements “Oh, so I guess you’re trying for that girl” or “You must have been upset about not getting that girl” or my personal favorite ”Don’t you wish he would of been a girl so you’d be complete?”

Okay seriously! Where in the hell do people get it into their minds where it is okay… to say this crud! Why would they think in any way shape or form that I should would or even could be upset with what I got?

Well I will give my total honest feeling on it.

People who know me know this… I wanted Boys. I was worried in a way that my last baby was a girl. I was worried that it would upset the flow of our house. I would have loved it if it were a girl and adjusted but I truly wanted all boys.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE girls. But I don’t play dollies, tea parties and all that goes a long with being a little girl. I’m not supper girly. This is funny because when I was little I was All about the dolls, dresses and the purse that matched. I LOVE my Nieces and love to pick them out that super special pretty dress for their Birthdays. They are use to it and expect it LOL with them I can get my Girl on. Girls are just different.

With Boys you are more than likely going to spend some time at the hospital for dumb stunts… With Girls you’re more than likely going to spend a fair chunk of time screaming at a closed door!! Both lives sound crazy but with all three the same sex maybe we can get a solid game plan. LOL

But I hate the idea that people think they can come up and say that I would be upset with the sex of my children. And that I should feel incomplete with it, its offensive. I am sick and tired of this and am having the hardest time not blowing up on them. I keep my cool because of my kids. Because I’m not sure Mommy would use the prettiest language. So what then? Should I sport a shirt saying Proud Mama to All Boys?

That’s an idea…..

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  1. LOL, i can SOOOO agree only I'm in "The GIRLS ONLY" club!!!
    We have 2 daughters. Just 2, only 2, not having anymore. And we hear that ALL the time.
    "when are you going to try for a boy?"
    OK, FYI!!! I cannot have anymore children, ever, sorry. But thanks we are learning and dealing with this and I do not need anyone giving me a guilt trip over having 2 of the same sex!

  2. I've heard this too and like you, if we had had a boy we would have loved hi
    dearly but we both wanted another girl and were thrilled when we found out. :-). Ron has said if we could guarantee another girl he'd be more interested in having a third. He loves being the only boy in the house and when your a Father to girls, you're never 'the old man', always 'Daddy'.

    I guess it's like when your pregnant and everyone wants to know what name you're picking and then when you tell them, they proudly voice their opinion of it. Like, "Oh I went to school with a 'insert name here', he/she was a real jerk."

    Dont let those rude & thoughtless people occupy one more moment of your mind. I think some people have nothing interesting to say so they just say that. You have 4 awesome guys to love on. Don't sweat it Mama! :-)))))

  3. I say go for the shirt! It would be so funny to watch all the faces you get!

    Some people are just stupid... There are a lot more stupid then people who know better. Sorry.

  4. Ugh, don't think that if Christian was a girl you wouldn't get the comments. I get the same thing "your done now that you have your girl?" Nope. I am done because I have three. Three is PLENTY! Or "looks like you got the girl you wanted" Your right, I really wanted Tarynn to be a girl, but if she was a boy, that is cool too!

  5. I don't have that problem exactly but I know how you feel about strangers and word vomit. I've mentioned before how we seem to get the "what happened to her face" comment when Addie breaks out. What's wrong with people? Shut up and mind your own business! lol.

  6. I feel your pain! I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum with 3 girls and we get comments all the time too. All we can do is smile and say we love our girls or my hubby likes to say, "we can't help it- we make beautiful girls!" Some people just have diarrhea of the mouth... sometimes ya gotta just give 'em a look and walk away... I swear, some people's kids!! And I do love the t-shirt too, of course mine would have to say '... all girls!'. :D

  7. Julie, A truely complete woman IMO? Is a woman who is happy and satisfied with her life. Sounds like you're happy to me! I'm without children and what do I hear? "you wouldn't understand, you don't have children" HAH! Guess what nutcase, I helped raise 4 of my brother's children when he and my SIL were working long hard hours to save for their first house. People who feel the need to tell you how to live and feel, need to think twice and then not say a word! You have three handsome little men!

  8. I kind of get upset when people say "Oh you have a girl and a boy. You can be done now" Really, I can? Thanks, but hubby and I will be the judge of when we are "done."

  9. Hi...I have 4 boys and 4 girls. I have had people make comments to me...like..Oh! you've been busy. (in a "snicker" kind of attitude) And some man made a comment in different words that all me and my husband do is spend time in bed!!And then my sister-in-law..my husbands sister made the comment...so your're done now? Like its any of her business. And she had the same thing in mind that my husband and I spend too much time in the bedroom. And she acts like she is better than everyone and that she is above stuff like that. I would wear the t-shirt when you are out with your boys. It should stop people from saying anything. But then there are alot of real ignorant people out there who always have to say something. I wanted a large family. I would have had 2 more..but had to stop to keep my health. And would'nt trade my 8 for the world either!!!!
    But on the postive side I have had people congratulate me on having such a large family. I even had a boss who shook my hand and congratulated me!!! A funny incident a co-worker at a new job I started...almost choked on her water when I told her how many kids I had!!!


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