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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last day of 35

Today is my last day of being in my early or mid 30’s…. Now while I don’t know if this is fact I feel a strange sort of sadness. I know I’m a big dork. When I was pregnant with Christian I got the first real blow. The term ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ was said to me by my doctor. Thems fightin words!! It was then the idea of Old got planted.

I feel older every day but before I wrote that off on the 3 Energizer Bunnies running our house. It is more.. I am getting older. This isn’t a news flash to me. I’m aware that every calendar year adds a new digit but seriously.
I’m not the gal I was before. I’m starting to notice wrinkles… maybe they were there before? I don’t remember them. Maybe it’s because I am already losing my cotton picking mind!? Never understood that phrase till I had kids… Now you hear it a lot around my house. Usually “Have you lost your cotton picking mind?” or “I’m losing my cotton picking mind.” That brings me to loss. I seem to be at a loss of hair. I swear I had more and it was much thicker. And the hair I had was beautiful dark brown not this sad quaff of hair I am sporting with white thick strands appearing. Oh well at least I’m not gaining hair in odd places. For some they might think I am jumping the gun on these complaints. But before I get my I’m sure well deserved pats on the head take into account I’m trying to come to terms.

On a whole though I’m doing pretty good. I just recently thanks to Weight
Watchers have lost a total of 8 pounds so far and a total of 9 ½” off this old bod of mine! So that is something!!!My goal was 10 pounds by my Birthday but eh.. I’ll take it. So I'm counting down the hours... Good bye 35 hello 36 at the stroke of midnight.


  1. You look my age. And your hair looks much better than mine, and I'm only 23 with 2 kids. You've had three and yours is very nice looking! I am jealous. Happy Birthday! I hope you get to feeling better and younger :) I think birthdays just make everyone kinda take a step back and feel bad for a moment that we are getting older, but it gets better once you get through that.

  2. When I first met you I honestly didn't even think you were out of your 20's!

    I understand where you are coming from though. Birthdays are tought for me because I look at the pictures and realize how much I have gained, How much older I look. People have told me that I look yunger than I am but I don't for one minute believe that... and a few months back at the ripe ol age of 27 I found my first "silver" hair... Getting older is hard, and when you have kids it seems the numbers climb a lot faster!

    Happy Birthday and Congrats on the weight loss... I think I know where the pounds.. They were in my butt this morning. LOL!


  3. Happy Birthday!! And again, Thank you for all the time and kindness you have put into helping me out this week!
    Wishing you a blessed Birthday!

  4. In my house it was always "Wait a cotton pickin' minute" or something like "get your cotton pickin' finger out of there" lol

    Have a great birthday Juile!


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