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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow, You’ve got your hands Full

Okay I hate to rant and I’ve been venting here and there a bit more than I care to but this is just simply enough is enough.

Yes I have three children, Yes they are all boys and finally Yes they are close in age.
But where is it said that gives every single person who I come in contact to say the one phrase that just about every single person who approaches me has to say. They Can’t help themselves.. and worse thinks they are funny, cute or original. It’s said in several variations but with the same point across. “Wow you’ve sure got your hands full” or “You’ve got your hands full” and usually with raised eye brows a smile on their face and sharp inflection in their voice.

Okay I have to say I don’t believe every person is trying to be an ass. I don’t think they are trying to be rude but seriously!!! Do they think in any way shape or form this is the first second or fifth time I’ve heard this statement??? I hear it daily at least twice when we are all out together. I try to be kind in returing comment to thier statement but I gotta admit it... that kindness and understanding for the common Funny Man is running thin. I may not be held for my future statements. I want to say "Wow, you know what? I've never heard that , TODAY." or maybe worse "Huh? These aren't my kids."

Why is it a free statement for people to constantly speak to Mothers about their situation while out? Why do people feel so free to do this?

Any who… that’s my rant I’m done.


  1. I know what you mean! I get the same thing, but what I hate more is, when they see me with my three and they make a comment like "Just had to have the girl right?" Well... yes I wanted Tarynn to be a girl, but I would not have gotten pregnant if I wasn't okay with her possibly being a boy! I did not have three kids just so I could have a girl, I had three kids because I wanted three kids!

  2. Following from cafemom :-)


  3. oops httP://www.changediapers.blogspot.com

  4. Ha. I just say...."Yes maybe my hands are full but my heart is much fuller!" That usually shuts them up pretty quick.

  5. Love the response above! u have three beautiful babies! i have 2 and want 2 more so i know all about full hands! But i thank God everyday he picked my hands to make full ;0) ha ha

    Love and prayers


  6. I don't think people ever really think before they speak. People have never said that to me before, though I only have my two. What got me was the stupid things people said during my pregnancy, though I'm sure we could all write a novel on what NOT to say to the pregnant lady ;)

  7. We hear this all the time too. People see us with 3 kids, all girls, & say 'wow, you have your hands full' or better yet, 'wow, are you gonna have your hands full!' (hinting to the teen years). This also annoys me... I don't know when it became ok for ppl to constantly comment on someone else's life while they're out in public!


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