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Monday, May 3, 2010

NO Public Restroom for a 4 year old Child???

Okay so tonight my sweet family went to our local Dollar Tree. We frequent there for their $1 toys and odds and ends. As we are shopping through the store Johnpaul stops and exclaims “I gotta Pee Mama!” Johnpaul even though has been potty trained for the past good six months is still new and only has about a minute. So we all run to the front where the restrooms are located just past the doors in the back room. Met by an employee my Husband asks for our son to use the bathroom. Johnpaul standing there holding himself jumping up and down. The employee says “No, you’re not allowed back here” My Husband John says “He needs to go real bad, he’s only 4 still potty training he’s going to wet himself.”

She just shrugged her shoulders saying “That’s okay” He said “Well he’s going to go on your floors then” She just turned and walked away.

I then ran him up front then asking a cashier if he could use the bathroom please, hoping one of them was the manager.. They saying the same and adding there was a bathroom at the market down the way.

He narrowly made it to the parking lot, before relieving himself in front of our van. I had to take my child out of their store to the cold windy parking lot, expose him so that he could pee and not have an accident.

For those who have kids. At the age of 4 it is embarrassing for these little guys to have accidents. I do not want my poor guy to feel like that.

Now that the “emergency” is over we walk back into the store where the glaring eyes of the cahiers are following me. Snickering to their customer. Okay… Now I’m mad.

We take or stuff to the check out with a now screaming crying ups set two year old. A now relieved 4 year old and baby who is oblivious to the events. When it was then my Husband and I inquire of their policies. It wasn’t just recent we had used their bathrooms just months before.

She states that some 8 months prior they change their policies because of pipes becoming clogged, drug abuse, vandalism and their purses being robbed.

Okay while I can see looking around some of their patrons are not the most savory crowd.. he is a 4 year old still new to potty training CHILD!!!

He’s not going back there to steal, smoke crack or wreck the place. He just needed to pee!!! It would of taken one moment but instead… This.

So… I am Boycotting this establishment. There is no way I will patron a business that won’t allow a CHILD to use their toilet. So I did something I thought I’d never do… I Got Jesse!!! Left a message and waiting for a call back. I looked up state law and it states that any person unable to wait must be permitted.


  1. Keep us updated on what happens when you speak to the higher-ups!

  2. That was the stupidest thing I ever heard.. The store not you :)
    I hope you get some attention with this..

    I found your link on Cafemom..
    Loved your blog!


  3. You know...I think I may have just let my son pee on the floor...and NOT in his pants. That would have ticked me off beyond belief so this normally very patient and loving mother of three would have probably told him to whip it out right there....then I would have left my buggy of stuff and as I walked out proclaimed "Clean up on isle 5" and smiled.

  4. I am absolutely astonished at this.

    If it had happened to me I would have made a HUGE scene, making sure everone in the store knew what was going on and how your sweet little 4 year old was being treated.

    I can totally understand what you mean. Aidan is VERY good at holding pee however he will hold it and not tell you he is holding it but will tell you the last min he has to pee and make a mad dash...It would totally piss me off too if that was the reaction they gave me.

  5. You Gals ROCK!!!

    I am still waiting on that call. Who knows if Jesse will call? Either way I won't be back to the Dollar Tree.

    I am however going to either way be contacting their corporate office.
    People are NOT all alike. There are special situations. And they need to be considered.

    Not just for our wee ones but for the elderly, handicapped and people who suffer of health issues. These people don't have the luxury of "just holding it"

    So... I plan to do something about it.
    To be continued ;o)

  6. That is crazy. He is a child who simply had to use the restroom. Right then and there. Do they not have children? Apparently not!


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