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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frustration from a very Sleep Deprived Mama

Please excuse this post. This comes from a worn down Mama.

I feel zero motivation. I barely feel motivated to do this post LOL!! My little sweet baby has for now the past 2 weeks been up screaming just about every half an hour. I don’t know what’s going on with him. It’s a change from his once an hour or so. He’s teething, growing, got gas, just grumpy and I’m sure he’s got his little mind going as well.

I’m only accustomed to getting no more than 4 hours of broken sleep a night. So I hold those few hours I do get very very important. The lack of it is wearing on me.

Any who, it’s making my brain mush. I hear all the time make sure you get a nap. Yeah right… I get right on that. There is No opportunity for me to nap. When morning hits the chance for sleep leaves with it. I have three small children. If you have only one sure, nap, take a shower, do the house work you need to. You can do a lot of stuff with only one child. I hear of Moms of one freaking out and go on about how stressful it is. You’re freaked now? You have NO idea what stress is till you add that second one in.

I look back at that time when it was only Johnpaul and laugh at myself now. I use to be almost in tears by the time John came home from work. Handing over Johnpaul and feeling so defeated from the stressful day LOL! You grow better tolerance and you evolve as your family grows.

I’ve been getting a lot of suggestions on what might be “wrong” with him. Well, this is kid #3 for me and they all do it. At least mine two older ones did. All kids are different and I guess I have this effect on them. They like me so much they have to wake all hours of the night just to be in my arms.

Christian is crawling now. So he is now constantly crawling after me, crying. It’s very sad. I feel bad for him. I wonder what is going through his little mind. Does this poor kid think I’m making a break for it LOL No baby just like your Brother’s thought, I’m Not going anywhere. You’re all stuck with me.

I hoped that his independence would give him just that. Nope. It’s just made a way for him to get to me if I do break away to do duties in the house. So my house is a mess. I have a sink full of dishes. That’s not new but my laundry is done from the Great Day of Laundry from last week. I NEED to clean my bathrooms. I’ll get it done..

So my fuse is short today. I’m dealing, I’ll live. Little bit of a rant, I’m better now. Sorry.


  1. Oh God, I hear of different moms of one who complain and go on and on about how hard it is with ONE child and I just laugh and think, HA! trying having three. Your also like me in that your kids are close together. I remember when Destiny was one and Richard was just born. Two babies mixes it up completely but man, 3... and all of them as young as yours. Its a joy but also a great deal of a handful at times. Hey, if you ever want me to come watch the babies for you while you get some sleep let me know! I am here for you babe!!!! (((Hugs)))

  2. LOL! I am so with you. I rolled my eye when I saw someone comment on your facebook post about being tired to take a nap. Yeah right.... exactly when? And what exactly do they expect your kids to be doing while you are sleeping? I feel ya. I am so tired right now. Sick... and my house is a mess. Hang in there. You aren't alone!

  3. I know what you're talking about. I hardly ever had a hard time when I had just my son. Sure, he didn't sleep much, but it was nice that when he went to sleep, I could go to sleep! It doesn't work like that when you add in the second and third babies! I sit and think about how easy I had it with just Adrian! My daughter has been doing the screaming at night thing lately. I believe it is just teething. Her gums feel bumpy and swollen. She will just randomly start screaming. She doesn't always wake up either, she'll be screaming in her sleep. She is also very clingy. I can't get anything done. The laundry gets washed, but not put away. Dishes are only done after 11pm. Vacuuming is done on the weekends when I can drop my son off at my parent's house. Every time I sit her down she screams. My autistic son needs extra attention, and I am struggling to give it to him because Angela just screams. When she screams, he screams, and I try really hard not to lose my sanity. Nothing makes her happy unless I'm holding her! What I'm trying to tell you through all of this is that you aren't alone!! Unless a woman has more than one child, they don't understand how completely exhausting it is to care for two or more children, while putting all your needs last. It's hard, and I only have two!!

  4. UGH - I thought one child was hard... and then came Lucy! I could not even imagine 3 kids right now, you are my hero LOL!

    One of my favorite sayings has always been "I know God wont give me more than I can handle, I just wish he didnt trust me so much!"

    Hang in there! Tomorrow is a new day :)


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