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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The List is Long

Now I know most Mamas feel this way, they must. The never ending tasks they do day in day out. I do the dishes after dinner and still I wake in the morning to a full sink. You do 6 loads of laundry and still there is nothing clean it seems. I could vacuum 6 times a day and the floors could still have bits and pieces. It is a never ending need to clean and organize. When did life get so messy??? Oh yes, I remember now when these three arrived.

In the beginning our house was somewhat organized and put together. In the beginning it was just Johnpaul and I. I had that new parent nervousness. Remember when you felt you couldn’t stand to let your sweet baby cry, not even for a moment to use the bath room. So there you sat with a happy coo-ing baby on your lap. Yeah, they learn how to train us quick. So hose work starts there going way side. Then the next little baby comes along. By then your house is a bit disorganized but still manageable. By the time the third showed up… well. This place is ripped apart. Now with number 3 he also wants me to sit with him or carry him along. *sigh* So I have a baby backpack. I should be buff by now and a twig but as things go this is not the case.

Back to my point. Just as I have trouble keeping my over flowing house chores under wraps it is also so of my mind. I am scattered brained and cluttered. So it is spring time and I am cleaning house (Of both sorts) I am writing my TO-Do list and it is over whelming!!! So I am starting Top to Bottom.….

Each week/weekend I will tackle an area and give it hell. Here is my List, sure to be revised:

This weekend is our Master bedroom
Then each weekend after the:
Master bedroom closet
Master bathroom
Master bedroom
Nathaniel’s bedroom
Nathaniel’s closet
Johnpauls bedroom
Johnpaul’s closet
Linen closet
Loft area- Go through and inspect toys *sigh*
Main bathroom (Husband’s Bathroom)
Sitting room
Stairway closet
Dining room
Downstairs bathroom
Living room
The Kitchen!
Then the Big Kahuna- The Garage!!!!!

So if my math is correct I have 19 weeks of work….. while along the way dishes, laundry and chasing the kidlets. Crazy.


  1. I am glad I am not the only crazy one tackling "spring cleaning". Our lease is up in July and we are planning on buying a house. I want to leave this house squeaky clean, and I do not wnat any extra clutter going with us to the first home we OWN! I want to shock my DH when he comes to to a new, clean, and organized house. Now lets just see if it happens.

  2. This is hilarious! Hubby was just asking me where the passion went in our relationship and I told him that back then we didn't have a house and 2 kids!

  3. So glad you posted this today. I decided this week to really buckle down and be a "good wife" and get all the chores done before Willie's days off and there was STILL a lot to do today. I was going to blog about the same thing, haha.

  4. I hear ya and I'm right with ya! I refer to my 7 month as a sloth (a loving sloth that is) because he likes to just hang on me. I'm potty training my 2 year old so that just makes the craziness more fun. I swear there are pullups in the hallway about 5 times a day. If someone walked in, they would think I'm crazy. Maybe I am! All I do is love my kids, clean, change diapers, clean up pee, and yell at the dog for taking the 2 year old's food. ALong with the never ending list of chores, that's my day. Like I said, I'm with ya!


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My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas
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