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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boobs are for Babies

Okay I just ran across this morning upon checking into a group I belong to on Cafemom. Babies born or Due in October 2009. Great group, very supportive. It was then I ran across a posting in support of one of our group Mamas. Her story goes in simple as this.
Bethany and her lovely family went out this past Easter morning to enjoy a meal at The Old Country Buffet. The meal went fine, they ate enjoyed it was then it happened. Her infant son who she is breastfeeding got hungry as babies and people do, so she discreetly draped him and he fed. As babies have habit of he kept kicking off the blanket. After moving back into place a few times it was the unfortunate mistake of a dumb waitress who walked up and said that she need to put the blanket on.
Okay people. They are boobs. Yes they have become an icon of sex but that is not their original purpose. They are for feeding children. This is not just my opinion it is fact. That is why that white milky substance comes out of them. It’s milk, for human babies. We are mammals!

Now I can see a bit if a woman is sitting naked with her boobs blazing out in public. That may not offend me or some, but it may make some feel very uncomfortable.  
So for that reason I only do this at home.

I support Mothers, I support babies, I support the right to feed your child when and where they need to be. Why would someone be so offended of something so amazing and beautiful as nourishing a sweet baby ? How is it then sexual?
Is it just ridiculous or immaturity? Both.

Bottom line is, I thought the restaurant was nasty before and I made every excuse not to go and eat a salad I wasn’t sure about anyways. lol Now I have real cause not to go. Good enough.
No Old Country Buffet for me or mine, Boycott.


  1. I don't cover up. At best you may see a centimeter of skin between baby's face and my shirt. Most of the time people just think he's sleeping. If I tried to cover him, the "tent" with what looked like screaming monkeys wrestling under it would be much less discreet. I've gotten second looks at times but I just smile and don't look directly at them. Not sure what I'd do if someone said something to me, but I doubt they'd want to find out. ;-)

  2. o i completely agree. my daughter is 6 mos and constantly pulls the blanket off.. and as much as i try to keep it on it just doesnt always happen that way. but its not like u can even see anything i mean their head is blocking it, and i cant believe they even said anything. i would have complained to the manager for offending me! lol anyway we dont have an old counrty buffet but if we did BOYCOTT as well ha ha ... love your blog!

  3. Can you believe it?! I read the story and was fumming! And I am not a breast-feeding momma! I have only been to Old Country Buffet once, and I will now never go again. And BTW- love the picture.

  4. Breasts are for babies. That's what they're made for. Though they do entertain men, and you can show them off and manipulate men with them as I've done to my husband before ;) It is our American culture that breasts have become ONLY for the entertainment of men. It seriously grosses some people out when they think of babies feeding the way God intended. It is sad that women are made to feel shame for doing what comes natural. What these ignorant people don't realize is that if it weren't for boobs and breastfeeding, none of us would be here. We would have died out a long time ago. Because, get this, back in the day before formula... babies were breastfed!!! They also had these women called wet nurses who breastfed the babies of women who couldn't, or were just too rich to want to. But, just because there are perverts out there, we are made to feel shamed for feeding our babies. The most ironic and moronic thing about all this is the fact that seeing a woman breastfeeding will make some people feel uncomfortable... but if I decide to put on one of my Victoria's Secret push up bras and go parading around in a low cut shirt... it sure won't make people feel uncomfortable!

  5. Hello... I love your blog (as u can probably tell since i always leave comments) but I left you an award on my blog :0)



  6. Lo! Thank you so much it made me smile from ear to ear! So awesome. Random acts of kindness makes my soul giddy.

    Thank you again. Mooo Wha!!

  7. Well the breastfeeding mom does need to cover up or go somewhere private. If I am at the restaurant with my husband or teenage son I don't want them to see another woman's boobs. Its just inappropriate.

  8. If you are in a restaurant and you see a woman feeding her child and like most Mothers who are feeding their child are draped. Just as in this instance... she was.
    If you can not emotionally handle seeing a Mother feeding a child beneath a blanket then grow up.
    If your Husband and teenage boy also are so freaked out by the idea again... grow up.
    We as BF Moms simply shouldn't have to and won't hide because people are ashamed that boobs are for babies.... Period.


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