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Friday, November 6, 2009

Now I Know

Well today is a day of a double posting...

My guys have been lunatics today!!!! This morning was bad but as the day progressed I learned why some Animals Eat their Young!!!

The fights, the yelling, tearing my house a part. I haven't seen so many tantrums in one day ever! You'd think I was ignoring them or something! Nope there right by their side in the trenches with them. Lame. Trying with all my might NOT to completely loose my temper and yell like a banshee.

All I had in my mind all day was it will be over soon. My Husband will come home and SAVE me! lol!!! Yet it seemed the time got further and further away like a bad dream as it becomes harder to run and the hall way gets longer and longer. 5:00pm came and went... no Husband no John... where is he?!? I started to believe for a moment that he some how caught wind of just how bad it is at home and decided to jump ship! Naw, he wouldn't do that... would he???

The door clicked and who came walking through the door? My knight in shinning armor! Thank God.

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  1. this was word for word how i felt today...its nice to see that someone else is going crazy as well! xoxo hehe


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My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas

My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas
Born March 29th 2006 He's my Master Negotiator and Helper
This little man is my baby in training. He gave me the greatest honor of changing my life and title forever. He made me Mom. He made me important.

It has been a short four years that have blurred past of sword fights, super heroes and laughs.

Johnpaul is a Big Brother ask any one he doesn't take his title lightly.

One of my most favorite of many amazing attributes of Johnpaul is his idea of Honor Love and Family. He is a awesome little boy. I look forward in watching him grow.

My Big & Naughty Nathaniel Jacob

My Big & Naughty Nathaniel Jacob
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This guy was worry from within the whom. At week 15 I started to bleed. We were loosing him. It was that day this sweet one even before breathing air taught me one of my most precious life lessons.. patience.

Before I had little but while pregnant with him I was on strict bed rest for 172 days. I was more than worth it.

My image of him was he was the most Determined person.. boy was I right. He will because of this be anything he wants. Greatness is in his future.

Nathaniel is loving, sweet and considerate. He can melt your worst day with his smile.

My sweet baby Christian Michael

My sweet baby Christian Michael
Born September 10th 2009 He is my Big Snuggler
This little love. He's my last but in no where my least. He was not planned but was very welcome. He was an Anniversary Gift the best kind ever. Christian doesn't talk yet or walk but I can already tell he's a big thinker.

He is always watching. I can't wait to see how his personality unfolds... but at the same time hope he takes his sweet time. He is my baby, my last and I'd like to keep him sdmall for a bit ;o)

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