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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad week ..gone Wild

Okay so the week actually begun Friday last week… With Christian not sleeping. We thought then it was just simply teething. Wrong. Then it moved on to a high temp of 103.8 from Nathaniel. So now it’s not just a fussy baby with a cough. It is now a two year old with a severe cough and a temp. All plans aborted for the weekend. We are now on lock down. We got up Sunday to revisit Christian with now a 102.5 temp. Sick baby #2. Johnpaul still seeming fine we decide to drop him at his Grandparents house in hopes that we’ll get to rest the other two and get by this. Seemed like a good plan. Till the next morning when Johnpaul now turns up with a nasty cough! Sick kid #3!! Really…..??
So we visit the docs and it turns out Nate and Christian have Bronchitis. Christian with an additional treat of a rear infection. Should be better by Wednesday…
So today being Wednesday we stroll into the doctors office for Christian’s 6 month check up. Yep 6 months have whizzed by! Only to find that Christian is recovering nicely, his ear infection is just about gone and he’s growing nicely. 17lbs 9.5oz 17 ½ inches long.
So here comes the bad… So examines Nathaniel. Looks up at me and says “Let’s get a chest X-ray. I think he might have pneumonia. “
Awesome!!! My poor kid. So we go over and do that. He’s a great boy about it. Better than I could of ever dreamed. We finally get out of there and return back to the peds office. They “attempt” to do a breathing treatment on him.. yeah~ I’m not going to tackle my kid every 4 hours hold him down and force this medicine in his face for 10 minutes!! No, won’t do it. Option 2 please. So after an hour we make way towards the pharmacy. I thinking this will take no longer than 10 minutes.. Wrong again. 45 minutes later with screaming Nate, Johnpaul running everywhere and Christian’s pants exploded we FINALLY leave!!!
I get them into the van and go to lift the back to put in the stroller.. LOCKED! Really?? Johnpaul my almost 4 year old pushes the door lock button. My keys are in the driver’s seat. “Johnpaul unlock the door!!!” Ha ha ha, he thinks this is so funny. Lucky me I have the spare in the bottom of my purse. Naughty head.
Oh well we are home. Might have to go back Friday. Woo hoo!!!


  1. The breathing treatments are a necessary part of our life, they actually don't fight as much as you would think, because they start to feel better. We have to do them on our 3-year old, because a severe bout of RSV as a baby has permanently damaged his lungs. :) Just my little bit of advice.

    Hang in there mama! :) Nothing worse than sick babes!

  2. He also had sever RSV when he was little, 3 months old.
    He put up one hell of a fight. He's 2. The doctors and I decided the breathing treatment is just not worth causing him to freak out, then having him gasping for air. It's counter productive.
    He is using his inhaler and doing a great job of it. He is feeling lots better. Back to his Big & Naughty self :o)

  3. Tatty Teddy! I love tatty teddy!


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