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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Okay I'm better now.

Okay if it isn’t bad enough because the week has been nuts with crazy sick babies now this..
It’s a small thing, but it was the final thing to throw me into pissed mode. Background might be good.

I woke up this morning..sick. *sigh* I’m sick. Lame!! But this isn’t it.
I just went over to the fridge to fill my sweet little ones cups with cold delicious milk and it happened. Here where I begin my whining and ranting. I promise it will be short. lol
Do any of you buy your milk from Costco??? Kirkland brand??
Okay I have to start off by saying I LOVE the milk and LOVE the price of it too. So in no way shape or form am I capping on Costco or Kirkland. Now that that is said I will say I HATE HATE HATE the containers they come in….. Hate, there I said it or wrote it at least.
I go to pour and like it’s happen plenty of times before it freakin SPILLS everywhere!!!! There is no right way of getting this stuff from point A to point B without causing a mess.

Ya know the saying "There is no use crying over spilled milk." Well it really depends on how much milk we are talking about! We buy 6 gallons of this stuff weekly. I am guessing spill about a half gallon of it on to my counters and floor. That adds up! It's a conspiracy I tell ya!!!
Sure this is a small thing and I am most likely acting like a baby and I’m positive it’s because after a grueling week of three sick kids no sleep and now being sick this final tiny little itssy bitsy thing throwns my panties in a bunchy.
Whew…. Deep breaths. I feel… better.

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