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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life is on the Move

Christian is officially totally WALKING now! 
Not just cursing.. not just steps... all out Walking!

Now for a total week this kid has pretty much stopped crawling. Don't get me wrong. 
He does occasionally crawl. But just for a moment only to get up and walk again. 
He's 11 months old, my latest walker. I have enjoyed his delay!!
He's like a teenager who just got his license(or a L.A resident LOL)... 
Your only going down the block you could easily walk it but you drive because you CAN!
Yep, that's him. He seems to be walking to walk. But it also brings me to a further dilemma. 
Now that he's walking I now have 
Three VERY mobile little people all over my house!!!! 

Now I have yet a crazier house to look forward to. 
Three crazy dare devils to run after. Three kids to call the Husband about during the day. 
He hears it a lot. "Do you know what your son just did???" 
Christian is now very added to this list. Because he, just like them is very active. Oh well... 
I'm told that Boys are harder when they are little and easier when they mature... Oh boy. 
This could be a while.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Just one of Those days.

Yep, today was one of those days...
You may or may not know which one so I'll elaborate a little.
Got up after actually sleeping pretty good....(for a change)
Got dressed... got the kids dressed... spoke to a Good pal on the phone while singing to her badly Happy Birthday (sorry about that Kara LOL) .... spoke to another good pal... left picked up another pal.. went on our way to Costco <------ This right Here... is where the day got Weird.

We pulled into McDonald's for my $1 splurge on Sweet tea.. Oh God how I love thee...
And right there this Guy... totally blocking our entrance sitting there not doing anything to correct his wrong scowling at me LOL!! He is just sitting there in his car.. doing Nothing to fix this.
What ever Tere and I just laughing about the odd happenings wait and have a great laugh and conversation on what a lame driver. Good times right?

After we make it through the drive through Sweet teas and a bag of fries in hand for the 4 howling children in the back seat who this entire time are all barking their order at us. We proceed to the destination of Costco.
As driving down the road towards Costco this happens......
Then directly after this and we are reeling from it this Happens....

We at this point can hardly believe it!!! 
Both trying to use MY lane as a TURNING lane!!! Crazy!!
Any who.. this defiantly effected the day. For the moment at least. We went in shopped, and then back home to play for a bit. I don't know what it was was with dumb drivers and me pissing off Grandma & Grandpa today. 

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Baby is a Dare Devil

Seriously???? Really??? LOL
This kid just might be the end of me.
11 months old and Christian is on a mission for craziness.
He follows EVERYTHING his big brothers do.
What to do?? What to do??

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Might Loose it...

Woke up this morning after yet another unsatisfactory night of sleep. Really a combination of it was hot hot and Christian is lately on a Marathon Eating Binge!! Oh well what's new??
Only to come down stairs and seriously... My house is THRASHED!!!
Okay, I know I have a couple of solid clad excuses but COME ON!!! It looks like either we've been brutalized or a tornado hit! In my house, more like a tornado. 4 tornadoes to be exact.

Now while I know occasionally my sweet dear loving Husband does read this and he might in fact be mad.. I am willing to take the chance.
I know a lot can understand and stand beside me in this feeling. I am the ONLY one who >truly< cleans.
My Husband and I go around and around about this then he'll get man and in a fit of frenzy will, while mad, pissed really get up and at that moment clean. Like this is suppose to change something. Oh good you cleaned a dish. Or did your laundry. Mind you he does do all his laundry but... it then lives on the dryer or in the dryer until I take it up.. He swears he always takes it up. Ain't that grand??

His real true thing is the floors. He will while the walls counter and stuff could be hanging from the ceilings whip out the freaking VACUUM to vacuum the wood floors and carpeting.
Seriously.. we have this argument all the time. You have to clean top to bottom. Because the stuff from the top has a tendency to fall well to the bottom. See he doesn't think this is at all valid. And feels very good and satisfied after the floors have been vacuumed. Like good.. now that the house is cleaned good.

This gripe brings me to the dishwasher... I hate it when he does dishes.. because he NEVER rinses the crud out first.
We don't have the best dishwasher so you have to PRE RINSE. Other wise we'll they come out with crap still stuck on it.
Also there is in fact a way to load the dish washer. Him not believing me I then took out the manual because he was certain it was just MY way. Nope it says it right there. Still.. even then he will NOT load them in right and nothing gets clean.
Now I know what most might be thinking. That I am just a Control freak who wants it her way and wants to do it all her self.
No.. this is NOT not not true. I want help, I just don't want to do it again. And yes it does drive me nuts that he doesn't take pride in how he folds a towel. LOL

I am in a constant feeling of disorganized panic around here. Do you know how that feels??
Never ever ever having a calm organized anything!!! It sucks. With three smaller but just as threatening tornados along side of the bigger one leaves daily distraction.

I'm tired of doing the so so daily maintenance. I want an area clean!! Not almost clean.. seriously clean.
It's like I ALMOST get there then... LOL have to stop because I have ~ children fighting, needing a drink, a cookie, a snack, to be boob fed, to be held, to go outside, to give me a kiss LOL.

So I have to come to the ONLY logical conclusion. (Deep cleansing breath) I need to fully embrace the mess. I need to. The mess is not going away with only my help and asking for help causes arguments.. so...

This is my new Montra:  Embrace the Mess.... Embrace the Mess.....

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Lived!

Well, late but better late than never. A lot of stuff is going on.
Shish, I feel like I've been running all over the place getting really nothing done.
This past Wednesday I went and did get my tooth pulled. Thankfully everything went GREAT and my jaw is fine.
Very very sore but not broken so I'll take it. I do however even being that it's Tuesday now still feel like I've been in a Bar Brawl!! And got clocked a few times in the jaw by a huge man!!! But I'll live.
$534 + $195 for a special x-ray later and it was out. Painless right???

Shish!! Thank God for Insurance!
What a sham I tell ya! I should of been a dentist!
But it's all behind me now.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Complicated

It's been a while since my last blog posting. I keep trying to get here but something keeps preventing me. My kids, my house and now my health.

I am okay for the most part other than the constant head aches and sleepless nights. For most this would drive you nuts... for me it's business as usual.
Till this past Wednesday when it took it up a notch.
At about 8 p.m. I started to get a ache in my lower right side jaw. At first it was low and dull then as the evening drove on it got progressively and aggressively PAINFUL!!
By 2 a.m. I could hardly stand it. I felt like screaming and couldn't stop twitching from the pain. It felt like I was going to loose it. I stumbled down stairs to take the only pain meds I have. Great Tylenol PM. Yeah... right that should do it. NOT.
I popped two and went back to bed only to not sleep.....
The rest of the day was a constant cringing crying in agony. Seriously.. I cried. I rarely ever cry. I can't remember the last time I actually cried because of pain. I was a mess.
The two older kids seemed to know it too. But instead of helping Mom out by being good little boys they laid it on real thick. Doing just about everything they could to get in trouble. I thought maybe at the time that it was just me being unreasonable because I'm hurting.. nope.
They were being truly awful. Johnpaul doing anything and everything to make Nathaniel whine, scream and cry. Nathaniel getting into EVERYTHING and my poor sweet Christian my kindred spirt being super needy clingy because he shares the same issue.

Yep, we are both teething.....

About 6 years ago I had my Wisdom teeth removed but they left one. This one was NOT removed for one very big reason. It is too close to the edge of the jaw. It was determined then that it wasn't at risk, wasn't bothering any teeth so leave it be. That if removed there was just too high of a risk of the amount of pressure used need to remove this monster tooth would break my jaw. Okay I gotta tell you.. I agreed and so did the other three consulting specialists. So it was left.

About a year ago I started my teething process with this tooth. At 35 my #32 tooth was making it's way. And all I have to say is OUCH!!! I do know that teething for our small sweet ones hurts. It really truly does.

Which brings me to my current situation... Up to speed back to current times.
I went to the dentist Thursday at 4:30 p.m and heard the phrase I was dreading. "Well, it needs to come out." We talked again about the risks and it was then I was faced with no matter what... It has to come out. There IS no other choice. Awesome.... So I call around making one appointment I thought I'd never be making... An appointment to pretty much have my jaw broken. Neat sounds fun.. sign me up.

I found a doc and I have the consulting appointment Monday at 1:45 p.m. and am penciled in for removal on Wednesday.
Well.. there it is. Soon it will be all over and I will be on the mend. I also learned that this is the reason for my on going now into my 5th month of daily 24 hour head aches. Good news after this they should go away. All well worth it right??

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