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Friday, August 27, 2010

Just one of Those days.

Yep, today was one of those days...
You may or may not know which one so I'll elaborate a little.
Got up after actually sleeping pretty good....(for a change)
Got dressed... got the kids dressed... spoke to a Good pal on the phone while singing to her badly Happy Birthday (sorry about that Kara LOL) .... spoke to another good pal... left picked up another pal.. went on our way to Costco <------ This right Here... is where the day got Weird.

We pulled into McDonald's for my $1 splurge on Sweet tea.. Oh God how I love thee...
And right there this Guy... totally blocking our entrance sitting there not doing anything to correct his wrong scowling at me LOL!! He is just sitting there in his car.. doing Nothing to fix this.
What ever Tere and I just laughing about the odd happenings wait and have a great laugh and conversation on what a lame driver. Good times right?

After we make it through the drive through Sweet teas and a bag of fries in hand for the 4 howling children in the back seat who this entire time are all barking their order at us. We proceed to the destination of Costco.
As driving down the road towards Costco this happens......
Then directly after this and we are reeling from it this Happens....

We at this point can hardly believe it!!! 
Both trying to use MY lane as a TURNING lane!!! Crazy!!
Any who.. this defiantly effected the day. For the moment at least. We went in shopped, and then back home to play for a bit. I don't know what it was was with dumb drivers and me pissing off Grandma & Grandpa today. 

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