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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Might Loose it...

Woke up this morning after yet another unsatisfactory night of sleep. Really a combination of it was hot hot and Christian is lately on a Marathon Eating Binge!! Oh well what's new??
Only to come down stairs and seriously... My house is THRASHED!!!
Okay, I know I have a couple of solid clad excuses but COME ON!!! It looks like either we've been brutalized or a tornado hit! In my house, more like a tornado. 4 tornadoes to be exact.

Now while I know occasionally my sweet dear loving Husband does read this and he might in fact be mad.. I am willing to take the chance.
I know a lot can understand and stand beside me in this feeling. I am the ONLY one who >truly< cleans.
My Husband and I go around and around about this then he'll get man and in a fit of frenzy will, while mad, pissed really get up and at that moment clean. Like this is suppose to change something. Oh good you cleaned a dish. Or did your laundry. Mind you he does do all his laundry but... it then lives on the dryer or in the dryer until I take it up.. He swears he always takes it up. Ain't that grand??

His real true thing is the floors. He will while the walls counter and stuff could be hanging from the ceilings whip out the freaking VACUUM to vacuum the wood floors and carpeting.
Seriously.. we have this argument all the time. You have to clean top to bottom. Because the stuff from the top has a tendency to fall well to the bottom. See he doesn't think this is at all valid. And feels very good and satisfied after the floors have been vacuumed. Like good.. now that the house is cleaned good.

This gripe brings me to the dishwasher... I hate it when he does dishes.. because he NEVER rinses the crud out first.
We don't have the best dishwasher so you have to PRE RINSE. Other wise we'll they come out with crap still stuck on it.
Also there is in fact a way to load the dish washer. Him not believing me I then took out the manual because he was certain it was just MY way. Nope it says it right there. Still.. even then he will NOT load them in right and nothing gets clean.
Now I know what most might be thinking. That I am just a Control freak who wants it her way and wants to do it all her self.
No.. this is NOT not not true. I want help, I just don't want to do it again. And yes it does drive me nuts that he doesn't take pride in how he folds a towel. LOL

I am in a constant feeling of disorganized panic around here. Do you know how that feels??
Never ever ever having a calm organized anything!!! It sucks. With three smaller but just as threatening tornados along side of the bigger one leaves daily distraction.

I'm tired of doing the so so daily maintenance. I want an area clean!! Not almost clean.. seriously clean.
It's like I ALMOST get there then... LOL have to stop because I have ~ children fighting, needing a drink, a cookie, a snack, to be boob fed, to be held, to go outside, to give me a kiss LOL.

So I have to come to the ONLY logical conclusion. (Deep cleansing breath) I need to fully embrace the mess. I need to. The mess is not going away with only my help and asking for help causes arguments.. so...

This is my new Montra:  Embrace the Mess.... Embrace the Mess.....

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  1. I totally feel ya lady! I totally understand you!

  2. I completely understand. Get the book "Is there life after housework". This book helped me be able to keep up with the work load by teaching me better ways of cleaning. I am serious when I say my house is usually picked up and most of the time cleaned because of this book.

  3. I hear ya! I've learned that just like with kids, you have to pick your battles with the husband, lol. Now when W folds the clothes, I'm just grateful he folded them instead of telling him he did them wrong. I found that when I stopped complaining about him doing things HIS way, he was more likely to help voluntarily and even try things MY way once in awhile.

    I'm a Virgo though and I've always known I'm a control freak. I started working on this new attitude when I was pregnant because I knew otherwise I would exhaust myself trying to make everything PERFECT.

  4. It gets better. Unfortunately, the toys get more expensive as they get older. And I know how hard it is to get them to put things away, like banging your head against the wall would probably feel better.
    Maybe if you went through some of the toys and donated (or even got rid of) some, it might feel less chaotic. It's a tough one trying to keep organized and straightened up. I think Lego was my biggest peeve.


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