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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Year Ago just a few days from now...

September 10th 2009

I woke up that morning not feeling very well. I just a week before was in the ER with premature labor so I knew it could be anytime. I felt sorta sick achy... Like a pregnant woman.
This was a special day because I was taking Johnpaul in for his Preschool Open House.
It took every bit of my  strength to get Johnpaul, Nathaniel and myself dressed and ready to go out the door.
We got to the Newport Covenant Church and pretty much every person I passed had that common look on their face. As if you could hear them thinking "Wow, she looks miserable." I was... but not just the run of the mill. I felt so sick. I managed to make it through it and got us home. Soon after John arrived and saved me. He came home early so that I could go by myself. Looking back I wish with all of my heart we got a sitter so that he could go with.... There was no way of knowing what would come next.

I got to the appointment a few minutes early, seeing I wasn't feeling well they took me right back. My doctor came in did the usual measurements then took the baby's heart rate. Hummm... that's a little off I thought 120 beats. He is usually in the 150's I said to her. She calmly agreed and took me back for observation.
We had a lot of difficulty getting him on monitor. Figured he was just laying the wrong way.
Because he's rate would jump way up to 180 then slow down to 130 then back up to 140 then down to 120 then 135 then down to 95.. wait. What??? Then it didn't jump up again.... It dropped... Then it happened.

His heart rate was now down to 83 and the monitor sounded. The nurse ran in and moved the monitor it spiked to 110.. but then right back to 85...
At this point is where things begin to get confusing.
Another Doctor not mine runs in asks me how far along are you?? I exclaim 36 weeks 6 days. She says "Great because your having a baby... right now!"she then tells the nurse to get my doctor now. The nurse says "She is in with another patient." She say "I don't care get her we have to get to the OR."
It's at this point my Doctor is rushes in they have me sigh my emergency paper work call my Husband to let him know... Hurry or you'll have to meet him later.

All the way down to the OR prep area they are jiggling my stomach, trying to keep him alert, awake.
I get in they rush a IV in my vein John arrived just then they were about to wheel me in.

This is where I loose my mind. I am up on the table and they are rushing a epidural in. I am terrified of needles, of getting yet a third c-section and the chef worry I am watching the monitor and again his stats are dropping and again the monitor sounds!!!! Oh my God he's Dying!!!!

They quickly lay me down and What I then thought I was chanting in my head or maybe just under my breath I was apparently yelling.
"Please God Please help my baby Please bring him here alive" 
"Please God Please help my baby Please bring him here alive" 
"Please God Please help my baby Please bring him here alive" 
They then asked me if I was cold... I looked down and I was convulsing... I was completely coming unglued. 
This is the VERY last thing I remember. Looking over at the monitor seeing his heart rate at 75.

The next this I was waking up and being wheeled out. The first thing that entered my mind was
Did he make it???
I was told he was just fine, that I would see him in a moment. They wheeled me back to my room. I sobbed the whole way. I felt so many things in a rush. 
I felt betrayed, robbed, sad, confused, worried, angry...
I at that time could not understand why they knocked me out?? I really couldn't. I was in no mind frame.
They then wheeled in Christian... *Sigh* Every thing washed away.... 
It all was instantly better. I still was confused, but after my poor Husband clarified ..... well a lot. I began to wrap my mind about it. It was all washed away that he was here okay and very healthy. He was beautiful. He was perfect. A lot smaller than expected my smallest baby 7lbs 7oz 17.5 inches long. 
He Arrived

Our 1st Picture as a Couple

The next day our doctor came in to talk to us about the surgery.. about what happened.
Apparently my water had broke days before, a high break and I had almost no amniotic fluid. Defiantly no where near enough. That he was in distress, would of weighed more and was dehydrated. My poor baby was starving to death. He was dying. 
I here and there over this past year have thought about it... I am so glad I had a doctors scheduled appointment that day..... If she would of sent me home..... I feel blessed... watched and guarded.
3 Months Old

6 Months Old

9 Months Old
But I did and she didn't.. He's here!! He's amazing!! Almost  whole year has gone by. He has grown and learned and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone who has met him loves him, talks about how cute funny and sweet he is. What a blessing. He is my last baby.. it's gone just to darn quick. I have just a few days left before we celebrate him. Well we celebrate him everyday. But it's then we get to while watching him trash a cake!!
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  1. I can hardly believe that this sweet little boy is almost a year already!!!

    It seems like just yesterday I was finding out that you were giving birth to the little guy!!!

    He truley is a blessing! A very sweet and loving boy!!! And ONE hell of a hugger. :-)

  2. Wow! I've heard the basics of this story before, but never the entire story with all the details.

    I can't believe it's already been a year! It did go by way too fast.

  3. Oh Julie! I had no idea the complications surrounding his birth! How scary! What a blessing he is! (and cute too!)

  4. Something VERY similar happened to my son. The doctors never had any answers for me other than the fluid levels were low and the placenta was aged. I wasn't in labor, but his heart rate was extremely low for no reason. They didn't knock me out because I obviously wasn't expecting surgery and had just ate. It's so crazy how our experiences are so similar though!


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