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Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is about to Change!

Life can change quickly and some times you don't see it coming. But sometimes like now you DO see it happening. Almost in slow motion. My children have evolved so much lately I am beginning to see a time where the chaos of Night Time Trauma, Breakfast Lunch & Dinner Melt Downs & The Barrage of No's might be at least slimming down.

Over the weekend we made our way out onto our first Family Vacation!! We made our travels to the Great Wolf Lodge here in Washington. It was a worry a headache because we didn't know what to expect. So with my parents we went with fingers crossed.

The drive down we got the classic "Are we there yets." Which made me smile from ear to ear.
But it was when we arrived.... Wow.
So long story. But the kids were great and had a wonderful time.
 My two older boys are showing signs of emerging into big boys. Especially Johnpaul. His change is boggling my mind. He went into that water park head held high and with no fear went on all but 1 slide. That was only because he's just too darn short he's 42" tall and needs to be 48". Next time son.
 Nate is changing incredibly these days. His speech is getting clearer, he is more quickly following after his brother now. He also is Almost there on Potty Training. So close. We just gotta get this guy turned around on the seat and he'll be done! The past week now Nathaniel has been going to bed with out much fuss. He is starting to need help and encouragement less. This gives me hope. It's going to be okay and someday even sooner than I dreamed we might get back to some adult normalcy around here.
This would be fantastic, I miss my Husband.

Now Christian. He's been speeding along quickly on my Cafemom October group as a Dare Devil!
He's speeding along getting into anything he can. Right now he's favorite this is the stairs.

If at any moment the gate is removed this baby is UP them. He waits by them, just in the hope that he might get a chance to climb them. So when ever we go up I let him. Of coarse with my supervision.
Yesterday was a biggy. Now I have this to worry about. I was in the front living area and returned back only to find him sitting on the ottoman???? How, what the heck!!! Yep, didn't see him do it but non the less there he is perched up on top looking at me like What?

He's into every thing now too. Cupboards, drawers all the usual hiding places where I put before him friendly goodies. Kids and their love for Tupperware. Good stuff.

Who knows Future Drummer, Rock Climber??

The winds of change are upon us.
I don't know What my guys will be. But I do know this, they will be great.
I'm one proud Mama.

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  1. I know what you mean! Isn't it great when you can sit back and realize they are big boys!? It does give you hope that one day you will sleep agaian, use the restroom in private, and live a "normal" life. Just wait until 5! That is so far been the best age! The get reasoning and they are much more independant.

  2. Yes, it does get easier, but as they get older, newer challenges emerge. But that's what makes it so gratifying....the challenges and watching them conquer them!


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