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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Holiday Sabotage

I’ve been trying so hard to lose some of this pre & post baby weight. I was doing pretty good then it hit…. Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Ice cream, Homemade Candies and FUDGE!!! But most of all Holiday Parties!!! The battle of the bulge has been declared!

What do I just not go?? Go Cold Turkey?? Shut myself up in the house lol Too late!! It’s almost over at least. Christmas is Friday and then I can get away from it. Right??

Funny, I use to have self control during the holidays but now… none. I suppose now it’s the time to quit sweets. So like most of America lol the world… I’ll start January 1st 2010! I am still on my goal of Back to me by May or pretty darn close to it. For now I’ll blame it on my pants… they shrunk darn it! ;o)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life sure is Great!

I love days like today. Woke up greeted me babies and Husband. Relaxed a bit while doing some morning dishes. Made some pancakes and eggs…. Good times.

John is gone with the baby for his first outing alone at Fry’s. He has done this with all our boys. A rite of passage he says. I think it a great excuse for him to go to Fry’s. Brave of him though during Christmas season. He also plans to go to Target. Better him and not me lol!!

Now for a while I’ve been playing games with my two oldest. It’s been fun. I love they let me play with them. They love this one particular game Let’s Go Fishing. I have to admit it I also love this game. I use to play it when I was little too. Crazy how a game has been around so long I’m 35. Not that that is terribly old but I’d say a long staying for a simple children’s game. It was too funny.. Johnpaul actually somehow managed to get his finger caught by one of the fish. Silly kid.

Any who it’s a mellow beginning to what may prove to be a crazy evening. We have a family get together tonight……

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where is the Christmas Spirit??

Okay so people can be irritating during the holidays. The traffic the rushing the general crazy to get that one special gift.

It drives me nuts every year that the meaning of what is Christmas has been lost. It’s about the cost the amount the quantities!!! People rushing into to buy that perfect gift for their loved one having no issue of hurting harming or being rude as hell to someone for it.

Christmas and it’s true meaning is lost.

Today was a perfect example of this.

I’m out with my three children at our local Target store. I stop a sales associate to ask a question about a item, I should say that I am in the Christmas section lol When this “Gentleman” I use this loosely with him stops behind us with his cart. He’s huffing and puffing and showing his best distain that we are stopped in the isle. I turn to him and say Sir you may want to go around, we are going to be a moment and I don’t want to be parted from my children.” It was at this moment that his true sprit comes out…. He rushed passed while almost running over my 2 year old and mutters mot quite under his breath Bitch…”

Okay NOT okay!!! So I quickly acknowledge it with “And you have a very Merry Christmas too Sir!”

Holy crap people! Really??? This man was looked to be in his 70’s!!! Now I know he’s old enough to know better.

Yep…. Christmas has taken a huge turn for “Badsville”.
Lame… Oh well not going to change or ruin my holiday!! At the very least it’s a strange story to tell people right??

Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost ready......

How do you get ready for the holidays?? Is it putting up the tree?? Buying gifts?? Family Pictures are done??Or is it sending out those Christmas cards that does it for you?? Baking cookies??

This year it’s all of the above. For the very first time in well.. forever I am READY!!!!

Last night I bought my last gift. This morning I licked my last envelope. Now off to the post office with me. Next week Friday is Christmas. Now all I have to do is wrap gifts. With the three crazies I have I think I’ll wait for that just a couple of days prior to giving them. I could just see it now…. Come down stairs to be greeted with I’m sorry Mama from Johnpaul…. Or the confused stair from Nathaniel.

So this is how it will go…. Let’s Play Christmas Party the 16th, Johnpaul’s Christmas Pageant, Family comes in on the 19th, Christmas Party on the 20th, over to my Sister’s for Christmas Eve and then Christmas is here!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

The Bomb has Landed!

My two big guys have the Flu.

Not sure what kind of flu it is nor care but it started with my little guy Johnpaul and as of last night fully jumped my poor Husband. So now I wait and see the fate of the rest of us. Nathaniel myself and most importantly Christian my three month old. I’m super nervous about him getting this only because he’s so little. My Johnpaul had the flu when he was a baby but he was 6 months old. Which in the baby world is a huge difference.

So we wait. Today will be a challenge. Especially since my biggest baby is sick. Don’t ya just love sick Husbands lol! It will be a full day for me.

I just hope this is out of our systems before Christmas. That would be lame. We delt with that a couple of years back but with colds. Christmas of 2007 *sigh* I remember it like it was yesterday. We sat all like zombies and opened presents. It was miserable. Love not to reenact that. Lol!!!


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My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas

My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas
Born March 29th 2006 He's my Master Negotiator and Helper
This little man is my baby in training. He gave me the greatest honor of changing my life and title forever. He made me Mom. He made me important.

It has been a short four years that have blurred past of sword fights, super heroes and laughs.

Johnpaul is a Big Brother ask any one he doesn't take his title lightly.

One of my most favorite of many amazing attributes of Johnpaul is his idea of Honor Love and Family. He is a awesome little boy. I look forward in watching him grow.

My Big & Naughty Nathaniel Jacob

My Big & Naughty Nathaniel Jacob
Born November 21st 2007 He's my Determined Problem Solver
This guy was worry from within the whom. At week 15 I started to bleed. We were loosing him. It was that day this sweet one even before breathing air taught me one of my most precious life lessons.. patience.

Before I had little but while pregnant with him I was on strict bed rest for 172 days. I was more than worth it.

My image of him was he was the most Determined person.. boy was I right. He will because of this be anything he wants. Greatness is in his future.

Nathaniel is loving, sweet and considerate. He can melt your worst day with his smile.

My sweet baby Christian Michael

My sweet baby Christian Michael
Born September 10th 2009 He is my Big Snuggler
This little love. He's my last but in no where my least. He was not planned but was very welcome. He was an Anniversary Gift the best kind ever. Christian doesn't talk yet or walk but I can already tell he's a big thinker.

He is always watching. I can't wait to see how his personality unfolds... but at the same time hope he takes his sweet time. He is my baby, my last and I'd like to keep him sdmall for a bit ;o)

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